Реклама в Соцсетях (Таргет)

Advertising on social networks and services

The ad will be shown only to those who are interested in it

For which goods and services is advertising on social networks suitable?

Goods and services of light demand:
cosmetics, gadgets, household goods, beauty salon services, children's goods, etc.
Niche goods and services:
educational courses for marketers, climbing equipment, etc.
B2B sphere:
production of machines, sale of reinforced concrete rings, accounting services, etc.

The cost of advertising on social networks and services

You are charged directly for going to your site or community (you can set up payment for impressions, for some topics this is a good way to save). We determine the cost per click, having previously agreed with us. It depends on where and how often your ad will appear.

Calculator of advertising in social networks and services
Development of an advertising campaign
For setting up one advertising campaign
  • Let's explore your site, community and business
  • We will find the most effective ways to gather an audience
  • We will make effective announcements

Social network

Ad campaign settings
  • Let's create an advertising office
  • Let's run ads
  • We adjust the show time, form of payment and regions according to the plan
Upon request, we can work in your advertising office.
Amount to cost per click
Paid monthly
  • Amount that is transferred to the ad system each month and is only spent on ad conversions on your site or community
  • Average cost-per-click: $ 0.5-1. Thus, for an average of 1,000 conversions per month, you will need about $ 425.

Desired traffic:

Final cost (including advertising budget): 13500 $ / month

We will analyze the market, assess opportunities, devise a strategy

Development We will make up to 5 ads, create a banner, agree with you

Let's create an advertising campaign, configure all the parameters

We will track statistics, adjust the bid per click

We test different versions of banners and texts